How The Lawyer Represents The Client

Are you looking for cincinnati car accident attorney? Whenever you plan to hire the lawyer either for car accident or another case, make sure he or she will be the person who knows how to represent you when it comes to going to the court.

First, please understand that the lawyer’s main duty is to defend the individual rights of citizens in a legal effort rather than defend the truth or error. So that citizens get their rights in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. So, therefore, you will still see lawyers providing assistance even if their clients are considered “wrong”.

Second, in this beloved state of law, violations of law are determined by the judge’s decision, that is the function of the court. Courts are a legal effort whereby the State through a Prosecutor demands citizens who are suspects because they are considered to have taken an action against the law “against” citizens who were accompanied by an Lawyers who was later decided by the court.

Third, the Prosecutor in his demands will sue with maximum sanctions because they pay attention to the public interest, not to violate the law again. However, will a courier who delivers money get the same sanctions as the corruptor? Or, are the perpetrators of corruption who are “forced” by their “superiors” the same as the perpetrators of corruption themselves who are conscious and voluntary?

So please understand that the duty of an lawyer is not to justify the wrong or blame the right, but to provide legal assistance so that individual rights are fulfilled in legal proceedings. Because in the end, the final decision is in court. However, it should also be borne in mind that in providing legal assistance, an lawyer is prohibited from taking actions that are illegal or against the law.